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Drain & storm drain cleaning and maintenance

Presenting our newest technology available, for drain and storm drain cleaning and maintaining.

Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Neil Morton and I have been running a successful business for the past 15 years in the construction industry. I am a qualified plumber and electrician as well as a registered builder with NHBRC.

More about our new service. There was a desperate need for proper drain and storm drain cleaning and maintenance. We have imported a Hydro Jet Cleaning machine into South Africa from the UK. The machine is the best rated machine in its field of work and we are very proud and excited to share this new technology with The Department of Health. Our aim is to service your drains and storm water pipes on a three monthly basis to lower maintenance and unnecessary blockages and most of all increase the hygiene and level of service that The Department of Health can provide to the public.

The machine works with a hydro jet blaster that cleans the pipes using negative water pressure without damaging the pipes. It removes ALL fat, sand, hair build up and any other debris that might cause blockage. To give you an indication of the force the Hydro Jet uses to clean pipes safely: Normal tyre pressure on a car is 3 BAR the machine uses up to 285 BAR of pressure with 60 litres per minute of water flow to clean pipes without using any chemicals. Please find a link below to our presentation video.

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