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High quality, professional hydroblasting services at an affordable price.

At Knysna Plumber Hydrojet we use the best rated machinery available. We ensure the best quality and best service around. No job is too big or too small.

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Over time, your drains can become clogged with debris and sediment. Hair, grease, oils, food and other materials may sit in your drain, hardening over time, creating a stubborn clog. While your first instinct may be to reach for the chemical drain cleaner, you could be doing more damage than good to your pipes. Opt for professional hydroblasting service if you have recurring or stubborn clogs. We provide service to most of the South African interior, from the Northern Cape to Gauteng and more.

Quality Machinery

  • Cleans with a combination of water and pressure usage.
  • Quick and easy problem blockage solving.
  • Cleans any pipe or service area
  • No damage to pipe or surface area
  • Economical and Eco-friendly

How Does it Work?

Hydroblasting works by using a reverse-action stream of highly pressurized water jets to remove years of dirt and sediment from your pipes. Unlike chemical drain cleaners that dissolve the clogs, hydroblasting blasts through years of clogs while also cleaning your pipes of mineral buildup from your water.

These mineral buildups can often cause your pipes to become porous, creating the perfect environment for a clog to occur. Hydroblasting with smooth away the pores, maintaining the strength and integrity of your pipes while also making it more difficult for new clogs to form.

Why Choose Hydroblasting Over Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Picking up a chemical drain cleaner from your hardware store may seem like the easiest option to clear away pesky clogs. But exposing your pipes to the lye found in chemical drain cleaners can cause serious issues to your drains. Over time, these chemicals can corrode your pipes, causing weak spots and potential areas that can rupture.

Hydroblasting is completely safe for your pipes and will not cause any structural damage, saving you more money in the long run.

What Else is Hydrojetting Used for?

Not only is hydroblasting a fabulous way to clean your pipes, but it is actually the only known method used to clean sewer lines. Some of the most common reasons to have your sewer lines cleaned include:

Roots - Root systems will always look for water, even if it means getting into your sewer lines. Once a root system has taken hold of your sewer line, immediate action must be taken.

Grease - These types of blockages typically occur over 25 feet into the sewer line. This happens because at that point, water will usually cool down. Without hot water to break down the grease, blockages can occur.

Non water-soluble items - Diapers, paper towels and other non-soluble items can also cause blockages in your sewer line.

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